Roland Isaev

Roland Isaev - Financial Specialist

Roland Isaev is a naturalized U.S. citizen of Russian descent. He is an entrepreneur and investor of a great scale whose financial activities cover many industries and businesses.

Childhood in a household with only one income was the best life and professional lesson for Roland. He remembered that money was always tight. However, his family always managed to do the things they wanted. They just were creative with money. That's how, at a young age, Isaev learnt the importance of having a plan and living within your means. Seeing many other people stuck in debt or may not realize they actually have the means to take the journey or buy the house they have always wanted, he understood that some people need help with their finances. That is how from a young age, Roland Isaev understood that he wanted to help people in building their financial plans.

After university graduation, Roland decided to develop in the financial sector. He started as his parents’ financial advisor intern. On that summer internship, Isaev understood that finances are his passion and the only thing he would like to do for a living. Since then, Roland is all of one piece with the financial services industry. In a very short time, he gained a wide knowledge and comprehensive expertise in financial planning and boosted his soft skills through communicating with customers.

As time passed, Roland Isaev moved from the usual client consulting on the standard financial market to the digital asset market consulting. Then he also started advising fintech companies on entering the classical financial market.

Roland's favourite part about what he does is that he gets to help individuals achieve their financial goals and sometimes dreams. He also loves the business development side. Isaev prefers to work with, develop and mentor like-minded individuals, motivated and passionate about helping people and the environment.

Roland Isaev helps his clients and business partners to understand their current investments better. He is partnered with many top companies in the industry and mentors lots of individuals. Nowadays, the demand for financial literacy is tremendous, and Roland helps people and enterprises become more literate in finances.